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Therapeutic Art, The Power of Art

Janet (that’s me) acts as a facilitator of the creative process. No diagnosis, no interpretation only you and your exploration.  The benefits and therapeutic effects of the arts are intangible but they are real; enhances mood, builds self esteem, communication, problem solving, reduces anxiety, freedom of expression, transformation, pain management. Art is a tool for moving forward. Medical practitioners are realizing the value of the arts in a holistic approach to healing. It helps with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Intellectual Disabilities and Dual Diagnosis, Physical, Emotional and Mental Trauma, Depression, Long term illness, Palliative Care, Dementia, Acquired Brain Injury and more.


I am a professional visual artist, who has been working in her chosen field of Mental Health & Wellness for 30 + years. I have facilitated numerous programs for Artswell, which is a non profit organisation who’s goal is to empower individuals and communities through creativity by exposure to and engagement in the arts. Different mediums & methods are used to activate memory, access different parts of the brain & impart a sense of trust, accomplishment, success & pride in all participants.

Creating art is my prescription for you.
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